Committed to international communication through its books, periodicals and the Internet over half a century, CIPG has gained an obvious advantage over foreign language publishing and a core competitive edge on multilingual programs. Thanks to this fact, CIPG was entrusted by the Ministry of Personnel to organize, implement and administer the China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters (CATTI). CIPG is also the umbrella organization for Translators Association of China and All-China Esperanto League, and has contributed to the development of the translation profession in China, and furthered the exchange and cooperation among Esperanto speakers in China and around the world as well as the popularization of Esperanto in China and the world.

Founded in 2003, the Center of China Aptitude Test for Translators and Interpreters (CATTI)(http://www.catti.net.cn) is responsible for the management of the national interpretation and translation tests in English, French, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Russian and German, as well as publishing textbooks and supplement materials for the test.

The China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center(http://net.china.com.cn) is an organization jointly founded by Ministry of Information Technology and the Information Office of the State Council in 2004. It is in charge of receiving public reports and complaints about illegal and harmful information on the Internet within the borders of China according to law and administrative regulations. It also conducts international cooperation as its mission demands.

Founded in 1982, the Translators Association of China (TAC) (http://www.tac-online.org.cn)is the only national association in the field of translation in China, and functions both as an academic society and a trade association. It is made up of institutions, enterprises, associations and individuals all over the country engaged in translation and interpretation, on a voluntary basis. Currently TAC has 9 committees covering translation in various fields and publishes Chinese Translators Journal (bimonthly). TAC plays an active part in promoting the translation profession in the world and successfully hosted the XVIII FIT World Congress in 2008.

The All-China Esperanto League(http://www.espero.com.cn/Cel), founded in 1951, is a national academic society with five committees under it. It aims to promote cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world through Esperanto, and runs a website in Esperanto. It hosted the 89th World Esperanto Congress in 2004.