International Exchanges

Serving the demands of China diplomatic strategies, CIPG has actively conducted all-around international cultural exchanges, which have increased the mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese people and people from other countries.




★ CIPG and Yale University co-published the Culture and Civilization of China series in a project of unprecedented scale in the history of China-U.S. co-publishing. The books have been used as state gifts.

★ By hosting World Congress of Esperanto Speakers and World Congress of the International Federation of Translators, CIPG has broadened exchange and communication channels with other countries while helping foreign people have a better understanding about China.

★ Through conducting cultural exchanges, such as hosting the photo exhibition titled "Discovering China" in Russia and the photo exhibition on Sino-Japanese friendship in 2005 and publishing A Pictorial Album: Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s Visit to Qinghai and Tibet, CIPG has enhanced friendship and understandings between the Chinese people and people of other countries.

★ CIPG also supports diplomatic activities by selecting books and compiling a directory as a state gift that Chinese President Hu Jintao presented to Yale University during his visit to the United States in 2006, by compiling the directory for gifts for the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, and by publishing work logs for Chinese Embassy to the United States.